Alice Riot speaks to the creative spark that drives our work as women. Through classic styles, wrinkle-free fabrics, an inclusive size range (xs-3x) and limited-edition prints, Alice Riot encourages women at work to celebrate female contemporary artists, while at the same time celebrating their own style and power.

Each new collection of skirts, dresses and scarves features the work of a different artist, with collections being released twice per year. We also provide the option for women to invest in the artists’ original creations.

For centuries, women have driven culture through breakthrough advances in math, science, business and the arts. Today, more than ever before, we are making powerful advancements as leaders and game-changers. Women have so much to offer with our inspired approach to both work and life – how we dress is a beautiful reflection of that.

The name Alice Riot holds special meaning for co-founders Kate and Kelly. Alice is Kate’s young niece. Alyce is Kelly’s beloved, late great aunt. Alice Riot honors both the girl and the woman: the encouragement to disrupt tradition, to support each other as women, to embrace creativity and authentically chase our dreams.

An Alice Riot dress, skirt or scarf is a limited-edition print and a wise investment that brings that creative spark with you, no matter the role you play or where you work. We have girls to inspire, women to raise up with us, and a world to change for the better.

Let’s get dressed, ladies.