#WearTheGallery campaign: Let’s get to work!



You’ve helped us move Alice Riot from a dream to reality.

We launched Alice Riot to combine a love of contemporary art with classic professional style – a line of women’s professional garments that serve as the blank canvases for prints of original works by female artists. We set out to build a business that encourages women at work to celebrate contemporary women artists, by offering garments that are a wise investment and bring a creative spark with her, no matter the role she plays or where she works.

Your words of encouragement, your enthusiastic support, and your backing over the duration of our Indiegogo campaign have signaled that we are on the right track, and you’ve helped us build a solid foundation for the Alice Riot brand and business. We cannot thank you enough for all that we have gained from you over the past 60 days:

  • We have the capital to issue our first collection – preorders for our backers plus inventory for our online store – in June.
  • Your feedback on our garments – fit, quality and more – has helped us get our blank canvases even closer to an ideal fit for any woman.
  • We have new garments and lines for our product roadmap that extend our accessibility for women worldwide.
  • We have a killer focus group of women (and men – thank you!) to provide us with even more feedback on the garments and the brand experience.
  • We have an excellent list of recommended women artists to work with – in turn, Kate will work with our 8-member curatorial board to help us identify the next artist we feature in future collections!
  • And we have three business advisory board members who will help us navigate all of the operational aspects of running this business.

We have so much work ahead of us, but we are clearly focused on our purpose: Alice Riot encourages women at work around the world to celebrate contemporary female artists, while at the same time celebrating their own style and power. We have so much to offer with a more creative, inspired approach each day to work – including how we dress.

Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts. It’s time for us to get to work. See you soon.

Kelly & Kate

Kate Iverson